Welcome to the website of the Foreign Assistance Management Application – FAMA!

FAMA is a web-based information service for public sector projects in the Republic of North Macedonia financed with foreign loans and grants.

It creates a database for realization of the projects in the public sector, financed with foreign loans and grants, which in future is going to be a significant link in the process of coordination of foreign assistance in the Republic of North Macedonia.

FAMA database contains specific data for the projects since 01 May 2011, focused on financial performance of foreign loans and grants, representing an important input in the budget planning process, as well as in the decision-making process as regards government development policies.

Source of FAMA database are monthly reports on the progress of the implementation of projects submitted by public sector entities in the Republic of North Macedonia, which most directly implement the projects.

We encourage all public entities that implement projects financed with foreign loans and grants to update regularly the data on their projects. Thus, you become a partner in the creation of FAMA database and directly contribute to providing quality, accurate and comprehensive data on foreign assistance the Republic of North Macedonia uses.

FAMA data will be available to all state administration bodies and other state bodies, institutions involved in the coordination of foreign assistance and donors obtaining information therefrom when reaching decisions to support the economic, political and democratic development of the Republic of North Macedonia.

As regards the manner, according to which you can become an authorized user of the FAMA database, you can find information in the International Financial Relations and Public Debt Management Department, from the following contact persons:

Lence Bozinoska
email: lence.bozinoska@finance.gov.mk
tel. +389 (0)2 3 255 420

Dragana Micevska
email: dragana.micevska@finance.gov.mk
tel: +389 (0)2 3 255 419

Andrija Aleksoski
email: andrija.aleksoski@finance.gov.mk
tel: +389 (0)2 3 255 412

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